Planning for your Home

When starting your search for your new home or you are looking at your current home – What are you looking for?

Everyone will look for something different in terms of specifics to them, but overall what you are looking for is how can you and your family feel at home there?

This is about planning and spaces. 

And some questions we have had recently.

Q. Our home is large in size, but the spaces do not provide the best layout for us. What can we do?

A. This can be easily fixed. It takes listening to your requirements and planning to meet most, if not all of what you can do to provide a space for you and your family.  If you own your home but do not want to move, then renovating to meet your new needs can be the best solution. If you are buying your new home, it is good to look at what you could do before buying.


Q. Can it be difficult to contact our Council to find out what we can and cannot do?

A. Yes, it can be. However, once you have some preliminary plans and are happy with what you can do, to either renovate current or have plans for your new homes, then approaching Council is not as daunting.  Some of what you may want to do will be under permitted development, other may require full planning permission. All is doable but patience is definitely key here.


Good planning means providing a space which can meet your needs. Isn’t that what you need when making the decisions to stay where you are or wanting to buy something new?

Bringing your own thoughts and wishes to the table with us, which we can work with is important. But remember not everything you may wish to have may be doable. It will also be dependent on conservation areas, your budget, Council approvals.

However, space planning is an essential part of what you need to think about each and every time. 

What space do I have?

How can I utilise this space to bring my family and I want we want to make our lives comfortable?

Do you need help to create your new space?

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